Ugo Padovan
Chemin des Mines 13
6941 Tohogne (Durbuy) Belgium
Phone +32 (0)86 45 68 42
Mobile +32 (0)486 985 999

Just a word

« Not just a job, but a passion for creation »

Name: Ugo PADOVAN.
Profession: Marble craftsman and entrepreneur, Mortex® applier and tiler.

In addition to my training as a marble craftsman and entrepreneur, Mortex® applier and tiler, it is first and foremost my professional experience and years of hard work that have enabled me to seek ever greater perfection in my profession.

A specialist in marblework and laying and treating natural stone, I carry out tasks which require the greatest attention to detail. I employ this precision in my work with all the projects I undertake, considering each a new challenge. It enables me to express my love of high-quality work.

With Mortex®, I have been able to express it in a different way, with creations that I have sought to make even more distinctive. The fact that I am a father of two young children and have, together with my wife, restored and converted a former village school into a home has allowed me to give full rein to my creative spirit. I tackle a huge range of projects and am never short of new ideas!

In conclusion.

It is this love for high-quality work, unusual projects and dialogue which today lie at the heart of my business. My passion is the best guarantee you could have!

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