Furniture for children

The Ugo Padovan company's main asset is its inventiveness and creativity. Ugo and his wife are always keen to go stretch their limits, envisaging various ways of using the products offered by their company, especially Mortex®. The company offers its clients the chance of discovering the various unusual and novel projects that these young parents managed to dream up. They can thus provide an extremely personal vision of new or reclaimed furniture for children.


New products are always a safe bet, yet now reclaimed furniture is also in demand. This is why the Ugo Padovan company can also offer the chance of restoring your existing furniture, thanks to Mortex®. Belgian blue stone is also an excellent material for restoration. Have you ever considered redoing your floors or giving a new look to a windowsill you are less than fond of? Similarly, it is possible to adapt certain materials when you don't want to demolish them (e.g. a staircase).

The different surfaces

The company also seeks a variety of surfaces. Although floors and shower rooms are in demand at the moment, we can always choose to cover whatever takes our fancy. Anything can be covered, from the floor to the ceiling; cement walls or ceiling boarding, gyproc partition walls, ceilings, even the rear of wood stoves. Not to forget furniture, counters or even gravestones. The Ugo Padovan company produces personalised décor as well as company logos on every possible surface (counter, decorative wall or shop sign). The Mortex® preferred by Ugo Padovan therefore offers so many decorative opportunities for anyone who wishes a break from the norm when it comes to coverings. So we love to take on any unusual projects.


The Ugo Padovan company can now offer the application of epoxy resin for floors to satisfy customers who want to dispense with seals.