Mortex and epoxy Applier

This is undoubtedly one of the company's favourites. Also known as waxed or coloured concrete, this revolutionary product has been growing in popularity and offers an infinite number of applications. Mortex®, 100% made in Belgium. Floors, walls, ceilings, showers, swimming pools, Turkish baths: Mortex Color or Etanche® (waterproof) can cover anything, including decorative items. Applied on its own or in combination with other materials, it makes each creation unique. Its fine coating when applied (barely 3mm) and wide range of colours make it indispensable for renovation, with or without demolition, and covering new surfaces.  

The Ugo Padovan company's desire to innovate means that no function or colour is impossible, no matter how unusual. We analyse each request personally. For every project, customers are invited to give their verdict on site, within the Padovan premises, as to the day-to-day use of Mortex® thanks to our 'life-size' samples. Right from the start, the project is tangible and the dialogue constructive.