The stone

The blue stone from Sprimont is back, but it has always been our company's favourite material. Designer or natural, it offers such a choice with its colours, nuances and finishes that it is ideal both for new constructions and renovations, interiors or exteriors. The stone offers a veritable myriad of aesthetic possibilities.

If the blue stone takes pride of place at our company, its range of derivatives, natural and imitation, also contribute to the success and timelessness of the stone in general, in an incredibly wide variety of uses.

Structured laminates, e.g. Geopietra ® which can be installed as tiles, are perfect for wall decorations and certainly open up a whole new field of possibilities in terms of furnishing the various rooms of your house.

Similarly, pebbles and shale, natural or imitation, provide even more diversity to the range, combining the charm of a natural (or all but natural) material, with all the quality expected by those who love beautiful materials.