The tiles

There is no doubt it is a safe bet. Tailored to every budget and with an infinite number of varieties of format and appearance, tiling is a classic when it comes to covering floors and walls. It will not undergo any physical changes (scratches, bulges, discolouration), is easy to maintain and rot-proof and recommended for underfloor heating. It also offers countless creative possibilities.  

Imitation parquet, for example, means that you can have all the warmth of wood without any of the problems that come with treating it.  

Not only imitation wood, but also leather, blue stone, shale, metal or concrete can be used as tiles; the choice of materials is immense.  

Traditional or epoxy resin seals are available in 28 different colours. The customers can therefore choose the exact seal colour they want.

For epoxy resin seals, it is even possible to add metal inlays. This new type of seal ensures a colour that lasts. They have an anti-stain formula, which guarantees they will remain waterproof and weather-resistant, ensuring greater respect of the environment and its inhabitants.