Professional experience

Born in 1979, Ugo Padovan, originally from Condroz, attended a normal, general education school. At the age of 18, he began an apprenticeship in tiling at Thierry Archambeau Carrelages in Sprimont. 3 years after this training, Ugo graduated with distinction as a tiling engineer.

After a spell as a heating installer/plumber, he returned to his true passion: tiling. In 2001, he begins as a tiling entrepreneur as second job. The following year, he was employed as a specialist tiler by Rocco sprl in Grivegnée. After five years spent with this company, he became qualified to work with marble.

In 2005, after a considerable professional experience, Ugo Padovan launched his full-time marble/tiling business in the municipality of Durbuy. A lover of fine materials, Ugo Padovan also has a passion for new laying techniques and is attracted by the latest, newest products. Very quickly his reputation for professionalism spread by word of mouth.

A conscientious and meticulous professional, he strives to produce quality work, no matter the circumstances, and is always delighted to take on new creative challenges.

It was this way of viewing his work that led Ugo Padovan to take the decision to specialise in marble work and the laying and treatment of natural stone.

A particular fan of Mortex®, he received official recognition from Beal International as an approved applier of Beal Mortex Color and Etanche® in 2011. Of course, this new apprenticeship has now become another asset which Ugo Padovan provides to his clients.

Ugo Padovan and his wife work together to offer their clients pre- and post-sales advice for the full duration of their project. So, for example, Ugo and Sophie Padovan have an indoor showroom of 'life-size' samples of their own compositions intended for clients. This way of doing things enables them to show the various aesthetic possibilities offered by the company in a real situation.

Eager to share his passion through his work, Ugo Padovan is happy to offer his services to both individuals and professionals in the construction, architecture and decoration industries. Every project is designed as a genuine creation, whether it is a new construction, renovation, interior, exterior or 'customisation' of furniture.

Today, the Ugo Padovan SNC company is more ready than ever to share its expertise and innovate even more